Change is not easy but it is important for most of us.

The way we lead our lives (lifestyle) contributes to around 70% of long term illnesses.  These illnesses are avoidable and can even be reversed, so if we can change what we do (our behaviour) even a little, we will achieve great results.

#1change is all about us nudging and coaxing changes in our behaviour, using safe and tested lifestyle interventions, for the longer term and for our good health.

We can do this!

Let’s do #1change at a time – for ourselves and to preserve our NHS!

Make ONE small change today


Welcome to #1Change

In the 21st century we are excited by the advances in science and technology and its increasing prevalence in digitalising healthcare. Being switched on from dawn to dusk seems to be an acceptable trend, aided by eating on the go and having instant access to … well, pretty much everything. Our lives couldn’t be easier right? Or has modern society become a barrier to longevity?

Recently we celebrated the 70th birthday of our NHS. All the usual gripes and moans were parked as we reminisced over the exceptional health services that are available for all, free at the point of care. Statistics show that in its 70th year, up to 70% of chronic diseases are directly linked to lifestyle habits. These are lifestyle related behaviours which, if changed, could prevent or reverse long-term illnesses which, in turn, would impact longevity.

If we want to enjoy a good quality of life for longer, we must address the root causes of chronic disease formation. This must start before disease sets in. If we want the NHS to survive another 70 years, we must look at reducing the burden of such conditions on the NHS, so that it can continue to fulfil its original remit.

It is with this in mind that the rise and rise of lifestyle medicine has started a causal shift. The British Society of Lifestyle Medicine has launched a campaign – #1change – to help raise awareness in society that all of us can make a difference to our health and environment through making conscious lifestyle choices, one small step at a time. One symptom of modern day living is setting unrealistic expectations for ourselves. These resolutions tend to fail and old habits reform.

The campaign aims to relay this simple yet powerful message to the public: our health is in our hands. It is crucial to educate and empower people with the knowledge that their own intervention, bespoke to them, if implemented and actioned, would drastically improve their health outcomes. It is realistic and possible and it begins with #1change.

A simple intervention is using the TBC model where identifying one Trigger, eg making a cup of tea, setting a conscious Behaviour change in response, eg 10 squats, could be Celebrated by enjoying the cup of tea upon completion.

Make your #1Change and join us TODAY…


What will YOUR #1Change be?

We’ve taken our first step… JOIN US!


Shade "Maintain Physical Fitness"

Kate "To Meditate For 10 Minutes Every Day"

Cathy "Sqatts While The Kettle Boils."

Jodanna "Swim 5 Times A Week"

Margaret "Do 10 Star Jumps Every Morning"

BSLM is a multidisciplinary society aiming to prevent, improve, manage and treat lifestyle-related conditions. BSLM aims to establish Lifestyle Medicine as central to health and wellbeing by promoting the prevention of avoidable lifestyle-related diseases, by advocating treatment of diseases of the 21st century with a realistic approach and by influencing healthcare and health policy.