Resources to download and print

#1Change A4 Poster
#1Change Questionnaire
#1Change Waiting Room Poster “Ask Your Nurse”
#1Change Waiting Room Poster “Ask Your Health Advisor”
#1Change Waiting Room Poster “Ask Your GP”
#1Change Events Poster “Good For You! Good For Our NHS!”
#1Change Events Poster “Good For Me! Good For Our NHS!”
#1Change Events – Sign Up Sheet

What will YOUR #1Change be?

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Jayne "To Nourish My Amazing Gut Microbiome Everyday Though Whole Foods And A Plant Based Diet"

Elaine "Kettlebell Swings And Squats While My Egg Boils In The Morning #twominutetensecondstobetterbums."

Ruth "Have Good Posture"

Punam "Turn Off Phone 1 Hour Before Bed"

Anna "I Will Have A Screen/mobile-free Hour Before Bedtime"

BSLM is a multidisciplinary society aiming to prevent, improve, manage and treat lifestyle-related conditions. BSLM aims to establish Lifestyle Medicine as central to health and wellbeing by promoting the prevention of avoidable lifestyle-related diseases, by advocating treatment of diseases of the 21st century with a realistic approach and by influencing healthcare and health policy.