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#1Change Success Stories

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Dorothy Keith of The Warblers of East Lothian

“On the last day of Pulmonary Rehab you do a walking test.  I was absolutely disgusted with myself when I only managed 2.5 minutes when I had to stop as I was so breathless.  However when returning for my annual check up I did 10 minutes talking to the physiotherapist the whole time.

I put that down mainly to the singing.  It does you good and really helps with your breathing. We do exercises to change breathing habits and increase the length of the exhale, and are often amazed at what we can achieve!”

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Alicja "Set Up A Sleep Routine - Go To Bed Everynight At The Same Time And Make Sleep A Respected Habit Not A Luxury."

Anna "I Will Have A Screen/mobile-free Hour Before Bedtime"

Caroline "Stretch For 10 Mins Every Day"

Sithokozile "Commit To Mindfulness Everyday"

Luigi J. "Increasing Mindful Moments."

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